🏢Haflong, Dima Hasao, Assam, India


 A 5 days camp was conducted at Garam Pani, Green Market (3Kilo), Umrangso. The camp started on 25th November and concluded on 30th November 2015. In this camp an elementary training as per Arogya Mitra Training curriculum was provided by a team of following three doctors and two highly qualified persons:1. Dr. Pranjal Borali M.D. (Opthomology), Eye Specialist.2. Dr. Nirmal Singh (Post Graduate in integrated medicines)3. Dr. Krishna Sharma (B.A. M.S.)4. Shri Ramayan Sharma (Pharmacist)5. Shri Rajesh Lohar (M.Sc. – Bio-Teachnology)
         In this camp knowledge of allopathic medicines and allopathic treatment was given. In this camp 15 female and 10 male participants participated these participants were from 13 villages. A medicines kit and a first aid kit was provided to the participants. These participants will provide medical help in the remote villages of garampani Circle